Report Damage, Loss, Theft, and Security Breaches

Your device get stolen? Don't let your information be leaked to the public or to the individual. We recommend doing the following steps: 

  1. Immediately report the loss or theft of a device containing university information, especially if that information is classified as confidential, personal, and/or proprietary. All State owned equipment that is lost or stolen must also be report to University Police at 323-343-3700.
  2. Immediately complete the Lost or Stolen Computer or Electronic Storage Device Report form and submit it to IT Security and Compliance at the ITS Help Desk (LIB PW 1070), or e-mail an electronic copy to [email protected]
  3. If a lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised device contains unencrypted confidential information, the responsibility for notifying victims under SB 1386 resides with the department or division where the security breach occurred. [See User Guidelines for Reporting a Lost or Stolen Computer or Electronic Storage Device.]