The ITS Training Program provides computer workshops that are offered by request. Cal State LA student clubs and organizations, faculty and staff can request to have these workshops conducted for their members, classes or departments. Before attending a workshop, please review our workshop guidelines.

Workshop Guidelines

Please follow our guidelines so we can provide a better service.

  • All in-person workshops are taught using the latest version of the software available in the Open Access Labs on campus.
  • Most workshops are approximately 60-90 minutes in duration.
  • Seating begins 10 minutes prior to workshop commencement.
  • As a courtesy to the trainer and other workshop attendees, admittance is allowed only during the first 15 minutes of the workshop.
  • Food or drinks are not allowed in the training labs.
  • All cell phones, pagers and audible devices must be turned off or set to vibration mode during the workshop.
  • Eligible attendees include:
    • Cal State LA matriculated students with the following: a MyCalStateLA ID account, a Cal State LA One Card or photo ID card (e.g., California driver license or ID card), and a current quarter schedule printout from GET.
    • Cal State LA faculty and staff members with the following: a MyCalStateLA ID account and a Cal State LA One Card.
  • The following people are not eligible: ELP, alumni, Open University or other CSU campus students.
  • Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The training materials provided during the workshop are for in-class use only and must be returned at the end of the workshop.
  • For step-by-step tutorials, visit the Online Training Resources page.

Available Workshops

Below is a list of workshops that can be requested.

Drupal and Web Accessibility

Cal State LA uses Drupal as the web platform for developing university websites. Drupal provides the campus community the tools they need to create and maintain accessible web content without using any external applications or the need to know any programming languages. The following workshops are available by request for any person who develops or maintains a university website. Depending on what your role is in supporting your area's websites, you may need to attend just the overview workshop or multiple workshops. The web accessibility workshop is also highly recommended to all web authors, including faculty and student assistants, who create or maintain a university website.

For how-to guides and video tutorials, visit the Drupal Support page.

Drupal Part 1: Overview

This workshop provides an overview of Drupal, web content management systems, key terminologies, user roles and workflow. It also covers how to perform basic tasks such as creating, editing, approving and publishing accessible content. This workshop is suitable for any person who creates, maintains, or is responsible for a university website.

Duration: 90 minutes

Drupal Part 2: Group Admin

This workshop provides a more in-depth training which focuses on the responsibilities and tasks exclusively handled by the administrators of a group. This includes creating and managing menus, adding a banner and editing a group homepage, adding a slideshow, approving and publishing content, and managing users. This workshop is suitable for any person who is designated as a group administrator.

Duration: 90 minutes

Prerequisite: Drupal Part 1: Overview workshop

Web Accessibility: Manual Checks

Take a deeper dive into web accessibility by learning how to spot and fix certain issues that are hard to find using an automated testing tool. Gain a new perspective on navigating a website by participating in a screen reader activity, try to spot accessibility issues on a sample page, and finally dive in and learn how to use headers, make content easy to read, check page structure by disabling Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and more. This workshop is suitable for any person who creates, maintains, or is responsible for a university website.

Duration: 90 minutes

Prerequisite: Attendees should have a basic knowledge of web accessibility prior to attending this workshop. To learn about web accessibility, please attend the Drupal Part 1: Overview workshop.

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