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All websites within the Cal State LA web environment must be accessible. This includes sites hosted on the University's Drupal web platform (, on the University's web server (, or those hosted or developed by third-parties; the accessibility of the content within a website is the responsibility of the Cal State LA site owner and administrator.

The Drupal web platform includes a variety of accessibility features to make it easier to create accessible websites. However, webpage content (including documents, video, and audio) that web authors add to a site must also be accessible; this includes images, links, tables, forms, etc. While creating or editing web content, follow the accessibility guidelines and best practices included on the Web Accessibility Guidelines page. Before publishing a page, validate the content's accessibility using the automated and manual testing tools included on the Web Accessibility Testing page to ensure your content remains accessible.

For websites hosted on the University's web server or by a third-party, it is critical that accessibility is integrated throughout the design, content creation, and development phases of each web-based project's life cycle and when maintaining or updating websites.

Below are additional resources to help you create accessible web content.