Digital Content Challenge

Creating digital content is a big part of our daily workflow; process manuals, minutes, memos, and presentations using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, or other applications. If these documents are for an audience or held on the Cal State LA web, they should be created using accessibility techniques to ensure everyone can access the information. ITS accessibility challenges the university community to implement accessibility best practices when authoring digital content.

Canvas LMS: Entire Course

We can efficiently review all documents for accessibility associated with a specific Canvas course. Providing access to your course via a TA role will allow us to review related documents and complete remediation quickly and efficiently. Contact ITS Accessibility via email to initiate this process.

Single Documents

Send us your document(s), and we'll return an accessible version.

Complete this form to send us your Cal State LA documents for remediation. Access to this resource requires MyCalSateLA login credentials.

Batch Documents

Sign up for your whole office or department to participate. If you are faculty, you can invite us to your canvas course to review all the documents therein.

  1. We invite offices, programs, departments, divisions, colleges, or faculty to participate voluntarily.
  2. First, we will identify the documents and compile a list for review.
  3. We'll ask you to review the documents list and indicate which are up-to-date (current versions) and ready to be made accessible. 
  4. Once the list is reviewed, we will begin the remediation of your documents to ensure they are accessible.
  5. We'll provide you and your team with resources to help you stay accessible. We ask you to contact Accessibility for assistance to ensure new documentation is shiny and accessible!

Complete this form to enroll your department in the Digital Content Challenge.

Thank you for keeping Cal State LA inclusive.