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California State University (CSU) is a public university system in California and the largest public university system in the United States. With 23 campuses enrolling almost 458,000 students and 53,000 faculty and staff, CSU is the most extensive four-year public university system in the United States. It is one of three public higher education systems in California, including the University of California and the California Community Colleges.

Each of the 23 CSU campuses receives guidance from the Chancellor's Office Accessible Technology Initiative. Cal State LA is one of two CSU campuses comprising a working group known as the Accessible Technology Network (ATN). The CSU ATI ATN workgroup meets regularly to leverage expertise and contribute to system-wide efficiencies within the Accessible Technology Initiative.

CSU Office of the Chancellor

Leslie Kennedy, Assistant Vice-Chancellor
Academic Technology Services

CSU Accessible Technology Network (ATN)

The CSU has "homegrown" accessibility experts who have acquired significant knowledge of accessibility issues and solutions over the years. The CSU Accessible Technology Network (CSU ATN) uses a shared-services model that leverages accessibility expertise across the CSU system to perform specific accessibility tasks once and then share the results with all CSU campuses. These shared services meet the shared accessibility needs across campuses, reduce total costs, improve accessibility services, and reduce the risks of OCR complaints.
Products of the shared services work are accessible to all CSU campuses. We review the annual campus accessibility reports to identify areas where shared services will be most beneficial and practical to implement. Over the past several years, CSU ATN members have articulated accessibility processes for procurement, web, and digital content.

CSU ATN Members

  • Los Angeles: Leon J. McNaught, ATI Program Manager [email protected]
  • Northridge: Kate Tipton,  Program Manager, Universal Design Center [email protected]
    • Alen Davoudian, Senior Information Systems Analyst and Accessibility Consultant, Universal Design Center [email protected]