For your convenience, this webpage links to all relevant accessibility training. ITS Accessibility staff and our campus partners inform campus members on accessibility best practices, specific accessibility-focused software applications, and campus systems requiring accessibility knowledge. Training is available in multiple modalities: group, one-on-one, on-demand, virtual and in-person, and via several formats and platforms, so there's sure to be convenient and prescient information available for your needs.

Under the topics listed below, links to training content are provided, and the link includes information on the training modality: on-demand, instructor-led, etc. Despite our extensive selection, you may need something else or a customized training or presentation. If this is the case, email us with your training questions or to provide more information.

Accessibility Training Resources

ITS Accessibility is providing an in-person Web Accessibility workshop designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and tools for promoting inclusivity and ensuring equal access to online content for all users. We encourage all Drupal content editors to enroll in this workshop to gain a foundational understanding of Web Accessibility principles.

To view the dates, please visit Upcoming Workshop to enroll

ITS Training facilitates the Drupal CMS workshops. Anyone wishing to access Drupal content must complete the Drupal workshop before granting access. The Drupal workshop is in two parts, and ITS Training also provides a Web Accessibility: Manul Check workshop.

Request instructor-led workshop: Drupal or Web Accessibility: Manual Check workshop (Opens new webpage to Workshop Request form)

On-Demand: Drupal and Accessibility videos on YouTube (opens new YouTube webpage with eight videos)

On-Demand: Enroll in the Canvas course: Drupal & Accessibility Overview (opens new Canvas webpage to enroll)

The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning (CETL) provides invaluable accessibility workshops for faculty. Topics include the Canvas Learning Management System, the BlackBoard Ally LTI for Canvas that provides instructor feedback on the accessibility of course content, and a dedicated Instructional Materials Accessibility workshop.  

Instructor-led: Access CETL workshop schedule (opens new Eventbrite website with scheduled workshops)

ITS Accessibility utilizes PopeTech to provide enterprise-wide Accessibility automated scans. PopeTech uses the same user-friendly technology in the WebAIM WAVE single-page scanning tool, one of the most used accessibility testing engines in the world. All Drupal content editors have access to PopeTech, but we encourage any campus member interested in requesting a PopeTech account to request PopeTech access by emailing us.

On-Demand: Access training resources in PopeTech (opens a new webpage, requires campus login credentials and prior sign-up for PopeTech access)

Editoria11y ("editorial accessibility") is a user-friendly web accessibility tool that runs automatically in our Drupal CMS. Note that Editoria11y does not check while you are editing a campus webpage. However, when looking at a page you have content editor access to, Editoria11y will alert you to accessibility barriers and suggest items requiring manual verification.

On-Demand: Access the Editoria11y user guide (opens a new webpage)

The ICT-PAR process in ServiceNow is a required form that must be completed before acquiring IT products or services. The process includes three parallel approval processes, one of which is accessibility. A video walkthrough of the ICT-PAR process is available that explains all the fields and required inputs.

On-Demand: Access the ICT-PAR video walkthrough (opens a new webpage).

ITS Accessibility has purchased 50 seats of the highly acclaimed WebAIM Accessible Document Training. The training is self-paced and gives participants up to 60 days to complete. The training will enable you and your team to create accessible Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents.


The self-paced course begins each month, with the first availability on July 1, 2023. Signups are on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional seats may be added periodically based on demand.


For more information on the content and modality of this self-paced online training, visit the WebAIM Accessible Documents webpage. NOTE: signups are not supported via this webpage, and faculty and staff interested in this training should email [email protected] to be added to the next monthly cohort training.


Each Social Media Working Group meeting includes an accessibility component. The bimonthly meetings offer training and information on social media topics, bring in guest speakers from the industry, and provide a space for idea sharing among campus professionals who run university social media accounts. Email the Associate Director for Communications to join this group and participate in the next meeting.

Course launches in Fall 2024; please check back soon.