ATI Campus Plan

2022-2023 ATI Campus Plan

Our campus plan document is developed from the self-assessment of our compliance with a pre-defined set of success indicators and goals across three priority areas: web, instructional materials, and procurement. The plan allows us to focus on success indicators for improvement within the three priority areas. As such, prioritization is generally set by our lowest status success indicators but may also include other factors, such as impact and risk, determined by applying the ATI Prioritization Framework. 

Our plan documents are referenced as we progress through the year and are used periodically at each subcommittee to provide cadence and keep our focus on implementation and the best use of effort. The ATI Steering Committee may provide input on the plan and priorities. The project's work is carried out at the subcommittee meetings and referred to regularly by ITS Accessibility staff as we plan improvements.

2022-2023 Campus Plan Summary