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CSU Learn is the new online learning portal for student employees, faculty and staff. It has an intuitive user interface and provides access to a variety of professional development learning resources and required compliance training.

To access CSU Learn, log in to the MyCalStateLA Portal, and then click CSU Learn on the Quick Launch menu, in the Chancellor's Office section.

Note: Newly hired employees are automatically processed by the Chancellor's Office on their official starting date, and gain access to CSU Learn can take up to 10 days. Any required compliance training is automatically assigned two days after the employee gains access.

CSU Learn Training Portal Overview

CSU Bridge

CSU Bridge logo CSU Bridge, also known as the student Skillport, is an online learning portal for Cal State LA students. Students may use CSU Bridge to access various safety training for their classes or the University, as well as advance any skills by viewing videos, completing courses, and reading online books.

To access CSU Bridge, log in to the MyCalStateLA Portal, and then click CSU Bridge on the Quick Launch menu, in the Chancellor's Office section.

Compatibility Recommendations

To ensure the full functionality of all CSU Learn and CSU Bridge resources including compliance training course modules, follow the recommendations below.

  • Use a desktop or laptop computer to access CSU Learn and CSU Bridge.
  • Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers.
  • Allow pop-ups for the respective portals' URL, i.e., csu.sumtotal.host and centralstationu.skillport.com:443, as they are necessary for course functionality.

Compliance Training Information

There are various compliance courses all employees are required to complete as well as a few courses that are required based on certain employee criteria. For a detailed list of compliance training information, visit CSYOU's Compliance Training for CSU Employees (login required).

If you have any questions about the content in any assigned courses or need a waiver (must provide a valid certificate), please refer to the list of compliance training contacts below. If you would like to reach the listed contacts, please visit the Campus Directory.

Compliance Training Contacts
Department Compliance Training Contact
Human Resources Management
  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention (Title IX)
  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention

Mariel Mulet

Human Resources Management

  • Conflict of Interest
Adriana Machuca Para

Human Resources Management

  • Mandated Reporter
Susie Varela
IT Security and Compliance
  • Data Security and FERPA
Edward Ho
Risk Management and Environmental Health & Safety
  • Injury and Illness Prevention
  • Defensive Driving Fundamentals

Nidavone Niravanh

Training Resources

User Guides

Please refer to the downloadable user guides below to learn how to get started with CSU Learn.

Training Administrators

If you are a Training Administrator and would like to learn more about the administrative functions of CSU Learn, please email the ITS Training Program at [email protected]. As an admin, you will learn more about the following topics and more:

  • Administrative interface
  • User lookup
  • Training assignments
  • Reporting