Baseline Workstation Specifications

The primary goal of Baseline is to recommend the best possible systems that meet the end-user requirements for students, faculty, and staff and, at the same time, keep the total cost of ownership of these systems low. Together with these recommended systems, we build a standard set of productivity and communication client software tools called the Desktop Service Software (DSS). By implementing Baseline hardware and software standards, CSULA can enable its students, faculty, and staff to communicate and collaborate easily and can also reduce support and training costs.

You, as faculty or staff ordering workstations for the University, are advised to familiarize yourselves with the Administrative Procedure for Information Technology Procurement Approval (No. 609) and the spending deadlines set by the Procurement Office. Below you will find specifications for the basic level of machines - Baseline for both Intel/Microsoft and Apple Macintosh desktop and notebook computers. A vendor contact list can be found at

Computer prices are very dynamic, this price information is provided for planning purposes, but you should contact the vendors for current prices since the price can change daily. It is recommended that you select either a HP or an Apple baseline configuration, contact the sales representative who will get the most current purchase price. Users should then prepare a requisition and attach the faxed purchased quote from the vendor.

ITS will install the DSS to Staff System, Faculty System and Student System campus baseline desktop computers. ITS can guarantee network connectivity if you have a baseline recommended computer and baseline recommended software (DSS).

Minimum Specifications for Baseline Level Machine

This machine is the recommended general purpose configuration for Faculty and Students. This machine will offer excellent performance with multiple simultaneous applications (such as the Microsoft Office family). This machine is equipped for multimedia playback and has upgrade or growth potential. This configuration was developed by the baseline committee and is the minimum configuration for university purchases.

Desktop-Faculty | Tablet-Faculty | Desktop-Student | Desktop-Staff | Notebook | Macintosh

All product information on this site, including prices, features and availability, is based solely on information made available by the vendors and CSULA disclaims any responsibility for this information or the products listed. Product information may be inaccurate and is subject to change without notice. You should contact the vendor with any questions about the products or the information presented.