Avoiding Common Problems

There are many common problems that have simple solutions.  Following are the solutions to the complaints most often reported to the ITS Help Desk.  This checklist could save you a trip to campus.

  1. Passwords are case sensitive so make sure that you do not have CAPS LOCK engaged.
  2. Make sure that your password does not contain any names, dictionary words or consecutive letters or numbers.  Campus systems will automatically reject these because they are not complex enough to meet password security standards.
  3. Don’t ignore password expiration e-mails.  You have 15 days to reset your password and will receive a reminder, but it’s best to change your password as soon as you receive a notification.  Faculty and staff who may be away from campus for an extended time should periodically check their campus email for password expiration notices. If the password expires during non-business hours, users will be unable to reestablish access.
  4. Update your new password on all mobile devices and email clients/apps at the same time you reset your campus password.  Mobile devices continuing to attempt a network connection with an outdated password will automatically lock out the user.
  5. If you are unsure of your user ID or password and have failed access twice, STOP immediately to prevent a lock-out and go to https://id.calstatela.edu/user/login.jsp.  Enter your username or password, whichever you know.  Click on Forgot User ID or Forgot Password to retrieve the correct information.
  6. If you are locked out of your MyCalStateLA ID account, follow these steps:
  • Wait 25 minutes and the account will automatically unlock.  This will provide time to retrieve the correct user ID/password (#5 above) or update passwords on your mobile devices (#4 above).
  • Contact the ITS Help Desk at 3-6170 during business hours and they will unlock your account immediately.
  1. Always answer your security questions truthfully and accurately so you can remember the answer.  You will need to answer a random security question to retrieve your User ID or Password.  Creating a false or funny answer is fun in the moment, but if you can’t remember it later, you will not be able to reset your password remotely.
  2. We recommend not selecting security questions requiring a date or an abbreviation for the answer.  These are the most frequently forgotten answers.
  3. If you experience difficulty accessing MyCalStateLA Portal after changing your password, you may need to clear your Internet browser cache.
  4. If Outlook returns a second log in screen, you must clear the line of dots in the password section and reenter your password.  The string of dots is not the password you typed originally.
  5. If your Contributor Relations (CR) or Financials account is locked, you need to submit the online password reset form for the specific administrative system.  Click on CMS and Enterprise Applications in the Service Catalog.  Hint: If you can log into your campus email, your MyCalStateLA ID account is not locked.
  6. If your GET or GET HR/SA account is locked, please either stop by the ITS Help Desk in LPW Lobby or the Annex Link at ST E191, or call 3-6170. They can unlock or reset your GET password without any form required. If you walk in, you will need to provide your CIN and a valid photo ID. If you call, you will need to provide your CIN and answer the security questions you previously set up for your MyCalStateLA ID account.  This service is available 24/7 during each term and finals week.