The Department of Technology offers four undergraduate programs in areas designed to prepare students for management-oriented careers in aviation, fire safety and prevention, graphic communications, and in industrial technology (industry and education). Graduates of these programs are employed in a wide range of careers including supervisors, managers, management representatives, trainers, technical support specialists, analysts, planners, and teachers. The department also offers several upper division certificate programs to provide further technical depth.

Aviation Administration

The airline and aviation industries are comprised of people who are responsible for duties that most of us never even consider, behind-the-scenes functions that keep the industry running safely and smoothly. More and more, students are noticing that an education in aviation administration can lead to an exciting, fulfilling, and lucrative career.

Cal State LA's Aviation Administration program was uniquely created in response to needs identified by the commercial airline and aviation industries. As such, graduates of the program are uniquely prepared to enter either industry as instant problem-solvers and troubleshooters, requiring little orientation.

Whether your interest is in airline administration, aviation law, aviation safety, airport administration, aviation quality control, or national airspace systems and air traffic control, Cal State LA offers the program that will help you reach your goal.

The Aviation Administration major is a "2 + 2 Articulation" program. Because Cal State LA does not offer lower division Aviation Administration courses, students in the program complete their first two years at a local community college and then transfer to Cal State LA to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Administration.

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Fire Protection Administration

Created in response to needs identified by the California Fire Services, Cal State LA's Fire Protection Administration program arms graduates with technical and administrative skills that can lead to some of the top fire protection positions in the world.

Typically, a fire protection education is limited to lower division course work taken at the community college level. As the only one of its kind in the state of California, Cal State LA's Fire Protection Administration program produces graduates that have an edge over the competition. Cal State LA alums are uniquely prepared to implement the managerial skills that are crucial in commanding large-scale fire-fighting operations.

Graduates of the Fire Protection Administration program at Cal State LA go on to pursue careers as fire prevention specialists, fire loss insurance claims adjusters, fire station chiefs, and arson investigators.

The Fire Protection Administration and Technology major is a "2 + 2 Articulation" program. Because Cal State LA does not offer lower division Fire Protection Administration courses, students in the program complete their first two years at a local community college and then transfer to Cal State LA to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Protection Administration and Technology.

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Industrial Technology

The Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology prepares students for a wide variety of technical careers in business, industry and technology education.

Industrial Technology majors assume roles as "Industrial Technologists" in a wide variety of industrial and business settings and they understand managerial concepts and principles. Common to all Industrial Technologists is the focus on continuous improvement in the areas of productivity and quality.

Industrial Technology graduates also find rewarding careers teaching others about our technological world. They do this in both formal and informal educational settings in schools, business and industry. In school settings, technology teachers are on the cutting edge, teaching courses such as: Introduction to Technology, Principles of Technology and Introduction to Engineering. Here in California and around the country, there are many teaching positions open and available for Industrial Technology education graduates.

In addition to the professional and managerial courses of study, students majoring in the Industrial Technology choose either an industry track (managerial/supervisory) or technology education track (teaching) and one of five concentration areas of study from a selection which includes: Advanced Manufacturing and Automation, Computer Integrated Design, Power/Energy/Transportation, Internetworking, and Graphic Communications. Each of these concentrations of study within the major prepares you so that you can contribute almost immediately as an Industrial Technologist, a person who applies and manages technology in today's high-tech environment or as a successful Technology Education teacher.

The Industrial Technology program at Cal State LA is composed of community college transfers, high school students and industry professionals interested in continuing their education. Classes are offered in the morning, afternoon and evening to accommodate various schedules.

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