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The College of ECST believes academic advising is an essential part of student success. We are committed to delivering quality advising services to our students to assist them to achieve their educational, career, and personal goals. We do this by nurturing a culture where students take responsibility, actively participate in the advising process, and by using a full range of institutional resources. To deliver advising services, our college practices a split advising model in which advising is carried out by professional staff advisors in the ECST Advising Center (EAC), which is housed in the ECST Student Success Center (ESSC), and by faculty advisors in their departments.

How is advising organized in the College of ECST?

Professional Advisors in the ECST Advising Center provide services to:

  • Engineering and Pre Engineering majors (CE, EE, ME, Pre CE, Pre EE, Pre ME) currently working on completing their math and/or physics series.
  • Computer Science and Pre Computer Science majors (CS, Pre CS) currently working on their math (up to Calculus II) and/or computer science program series.
  • Technology majors (ITEC, AVAD, GRAF, and FPAT) currently working on their first and second years.
  • Prospective students seeking general information regarding ECST degree programs.

Faculty Advisors in their respective departments provide services to:

  • Engineering majors (CE, EE, ME) who have completed their math and physics series.
  • Computer Science majors (CS) who have completed their math (up to Calculus II) and computer science program series.
  • Technology majors (ITEC, AVAD, GRAF, and FPAT) who have completed the first and second year of their curriculum.

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