illustration of firefighter with hose spraying engulfing flames with water

Cal State LA Fire Service Veterans Can’t Curb Their Enthusiasm

Despite long hours and often challenging conditions, a career in the fire service has many rewards. This is according to four people who have spent decades on the frontlines of firefighting and in leadership and teaching roles in the fire service. Each one earned a degree at Cal State LA and/or teaches in ECST’s unique Fire Protection Administration and Technology program.

$2 Million Award from the NSF Tops the List of New ECST Grants

New and existing funders and partners are stepping up to fund academic research and programs that support our students.

What to Do When Nearly a Whole Class is Failing

Nearly 80% of Students Failed a Mid-Term. Something had to be done. Two ECST professors tackle the problem. Here’s what they learned and the solution they found that is already turning things around.

Message from Dean Emily Allen

It says a lot about an educational institution when its alumni give back and want to stay engaged. It tells the story about what a difference we made in your lives.


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