Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships can make a huge difference in your education, allowing you to be more selective with your time and maximize the college experience. The scholarships and awards listed below are in place to support your academic journey as you pursue a degree in engineering, computer science, and technology. This is not an all-inclusive list.  You can find many more opportunities by searching online or by using a scholarship search website. Visit ECST Professional Placement Services for career development and opportunities.


Cal State LA has over 400 scholarship opportunities to support your educational goals. Visit the Cal State LA Scholarships Application site to browse the various scholarships available.

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Culturally Adaptive Pathway to Success (CAPS) is designed to address the NSF strategic goals of transforming frontiers by preparing future engineers and computer scientists with new capabilities and expertise as well as diversifying the workforce. With support from S-STEM, the CAPS program will build an inclusive pathway to accelerate the graduation for academically talented, low-income students in one of 4 majors (Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering).

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Travel Awards

ECST Student Travel Awards are designed to provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge and experiences by participating in professional meetings, competitions, and sharing their work (projects, research, etc.) through presentations in conferences, all of which may include travel in California and out-of-state. There are two types of student travel awards: Individual Travel Awards and Group Travel Awards.

ECST Student Individual Travel Award accepts applications for individual travel support. Priority will be given to undergraduate students to attend conferences to give presentations related to their research. The application for Individual Travel Award will be reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis until available funding is expended. Click the link to the Individual Application Form and the Award Procedure.

ECST Student Group Travel Award accepts applications for group travel support to attend professional development conferences or project competitions. One application will be filed by the group leader. The application deadlines for Group Travel Award are Sept. 15 (for Fall/Winter travel dates) and Feb. 15 (for Spring/Summer travel dates). Late applications will not be reviewed. Click the link to the Group Application Form and the Award Procedure.

Careers and Development

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The College of ECST Professional Placement Services provides a link to industry, the University Career Development Center, and other university departments focused on career, leadership, and professional development of our students.