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The MESA Schools program is a pre-college program that serves educationally disadvantaged students to prepare them for a career in math, science, engineering, computer science, and technology. MESA was founded in 1970 during the Civil Rights Movement and it stands for Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement. It has a long history of supporting those students with traditionally low eligibility for higher education and is designed to support math and science excellence. The mission of MESA is to enable educationally disadvantaged students to prepare for and graduate from a four-year university in careers based in math, science, engineering, and technology.


Presidential Award of Excellence in STEM mentoring logo MESA is a winner of the Presidential Award of Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEN), an award created by the White House and administered by eh National Science Foundation (NSF). MESA is a model program and is recognized on a national level as one of the most innovative programs in the nation.

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MESA Day 2023 Photos

Thank you to all our Cal State LA, College of ECST students and staff who participated in MESA Day 2023! Congratulations to all middle and high school students who competed this year and participated in STEM activities.

Click on the images below to view MESA Day 2023 photos on Flickr!


  MESA Day "Prelims" 2023    MESA Prelims - Think Tank    MESA Prelims - Moon Base    MESA Machines @ Prelims    MESA in Action @ Prelims    MESA Prelims @ Cal State LA - Cargo Glider  MESA Prelims @ Cal State LA - Crime Scene Science    MESA Prelims - Structures & Prosthetic Arm Activities 

MESA Day events

MESA Day events are geared to showcase students’ math and science know-how. These future technical professionals have spent months creating and designing math and science projects.

The project-based learning events include launching gliders, testing the strength of bridges, and evaluating human-centered design projects. These activities help solidify the core math, science, and engineering skills students learn in class. The competitions bridge classroom learning with real-world applications and encourage students to think beyond what they learn in physics, calculus, or geometry.

These experiences are particularly poignant for MESA students who attend low-performing schools, come from low socio-economic backgrounds, and are typically the first in their families to attend college.

MESA Parents Get Involved

  • Attend the MESA Kick-Off hosted by BOEING and Cal State LA College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology.
  • Middle School Science Bowl, volunteers are always welcome!
  • MESA Prelims, come and observe your child at work and cheer him/her on! Volunteers are always welcome also.
  • Visit CSU Mentor, to assist your child to be prepared for attending Cal State LA or any other CSU in California.

Please feel free to contact the MESA office for more information on how you can get involved.

Schools Working with MESA College Prep Program

Los Angeles Unified School District:
Belvedere Middle School
El Sereno Middle School
Orchard Academies Middle School
Florence Nightingale Middle School
Walnut Park Middle School
Nimitz Middle School
Luther Burbank Middle School
Griffith Middle School

Glendale Unified School District:
Roosevelt Middle School
Woodrow Wilson Middle School

LA Alliance
College Ready #8 Middle School

Los Angeles Unified School District:
Eagle Rock High School
Nava College Preparatory Academy
Lincoln High School
Maya Angelou High School
STEM Academy of Boyle Heights High School
Wallis Annenberg High School
Woodrow Wilson High School
Huntington Park High School
Esteban Torres STEM High School
PUC eCALS High School

Alhambra Unified School District:
San Gabriel High School

Baldwin Park Unified School District:
Sierra Vista High School

El Rancho Unified School District:
El Rancho High School

Glendale Unified School District:
Glendale High School

San Gabriel Unified School District:
Gabrielino High School

LA Alliance:
Smidt Tech High School
Judy Ivie Burton College Ready High School
Bloomfield College Ready High School

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MESA Schools Program at Cal State LA
Adriana Tellez-Andrade

ECST Outreach Coordinator, MESA Director
Office: E&T A-133 | Phone: (323)343-4565
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5151 State University Drive Los Angeles, California 90032-8111