ECST Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Plan

Cal State LA’s College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology (ECST) is committed to cultivating an inclusive college environment that provides a sense of belonging, striving for equity in opportunities and outcomes, and increasing the diversity and success of its student body, faculty, and staff.

Please view the goals and objectives for the EDI Plan's Commitments below.

ECST will strive for equity in opportunities and outcomes.

Promote equitable environments and practices Conduct a continuous assessment of EDI climate.
All faculty, staff, and student leaders attend annual equity training.
All ECST employees participate in equity-minded Communities of Practice (CoP).
Develop authentic and inclusive faculty/staff evaluation systems.
Improve curriculum/pedagogy to be equity-minded.
Include student voices in ECST discussions on equity and culture.

Provide access for all students to engage in co-curricular/career/advancement opportunities

Increase access to and participation in research.
Connect students with alumni and industry partners to provide career development and increase access to and participation in internships.
Increase access to and participation in community engagement projects.
Increase participation and diversity in student organizations and competition teams.

Continually assess and reduce equity gaps in all ECST programs

Eliminate the equity gap in course-passing rates.
Increase the course-passing rates for all students.
Reduce the time to graduation or improve the graduation rate for all students.
Eliminate the equity gap in graduation rates.
Increase the FE pass rate for all students.

Continually assess and reduce equity gaps among ECST faculty and staff

Assess and explore equity gaps in faculty and staff recruitment, retention, and promotion.
Assess and explore equity gaps in faculty and staff leadership development.

ECST will increase the diversity and success of its student body, faculty, and staff.

Nurture a successful and diverse student body Increase enrollment of Black/African American students.
Increase enrollment of women students.
Nurture a culture that celebrates our Hispanic-serving community.
Nurture a culture that celebrates our Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-serving community.
Provide resources and support for all ECST students, including international students and marginalized groups such as differently-abled, veteran, LGBTQ+, and Native American students.

Foster success for a diverse faculty and staff

Increase diversity of the faculty, staff, and administration.
Enhance, encourage, and promote professional development and leadership opportunities for faculty and staff.

Increase representation and diversity of participants in college & department events

Ensure that ECST and department events, programs, etc., are specifically inclusive of marginalized social groups.
Intentionally include Black/African American presenters in all ECST programs and events.
Intentionally ensure that Department/research seminars include presenters reflecting the diversity of the College.

ECST will cultivate inclusive environments that provide a sense of belonging.

Ensure that student, staff, and faculty voices are heard Create platforms that ensure students have a voice in the College.
Ensure probationary faculty voices are valued and respected.
Ensure lecturers are included in appropriate decision-making.
Ensure that faculty have a voice in ECST governance.
Ensure staff are included in operational and policy decision-making.

Improve transparency and access to resources and information

Enhance college and departmental communication channels.
Ensure that students feel welcome and questions get answered in every space in ECST.
Develop programs that widely and equitably share opportunities for students individually and through student orgs.

Create inclusive departments and college where students, faculty, and staff thrive

Develop spaces for affinity student organizations to meet.
Ensure that marginalized social groups are specifically included in ECST and department events, programs, classes, and spaces.
Create a welcoming and inclusive environment in ECST and departments where everyone feels they are accepted.
Offer faculty, staff, and student development for everyone's success.
Include inclusive practices in advising, teaching, curriculum development, research, and other activities.
Support programs for student success in research and/or other professional development.
Develop spaces for all ECST students to study and meet, irrespective of membership in student organizations.

EDI Definitions

cal state la campus outdoor walkway

The condition under which individuals are provided the resources they need to have access to the same opportunities as the general population. Equity accounts for systematic inequalities, meaning the distribution of resources provides more for those who need it most.

All-inclusive and supportive of the proposition that everyone and every group should be valued. It is about understanding these differences and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of our differences.

Authentically bringing traditionally excluded individuals and/or groups into processes, activities, and decision/policy making in a way that shares power.

Creating a Plan

stages of developing the ECST EDI plan

ECST EDI Development Process (as depicted in the above graphic)

The ECST EDI development process began with the creation of the EDI task force, which worked from Fall 2019-Spring 2021 and expanded into the ECST EDI Advisory Council (EAC) in Fall 2021. After several EAC breakout discussions focusing on EDI commitments, all ECST faculty and staff were invited to an EDI brainstorming activity during the ECST Spring 2022 Welcome Back Meeting. EAC leaders then compiled this feedback from the Council and the College into a draft plan, which consists of our commitments to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and the goals and objectives for each commitment. Subsequently, the ECST Leadership Team reviewed the plan, and after additional input was sought from faculty, staff, and students, the plan was finalized in Fall 2023. During the 2023-2024 academic year, we formalized the charter for the EDI Council, which will oversee the implementation, assessment, and future updates of the EDI plan.

ECST EDI Advisory Council Members

  • Sonya Lopez (Co-Chair), CE Faculty
  • Milton Randle (Co-Chair), Member of the Dean's Advisory Board
  • Debbie Won, ECE Faculty
  • Nancy Warter-Perez, ME Chair
  • Michael Thomas, TECH Faculty
  • Aliannea Sherman (Graduate Student)
  • Mario Medina, ME Faculty
  • Aaron Lockett (Undergraduate Student), Pres. Cal State LA SHPE Chapter
  • Sharri Kornblum, STEP Faculty
  • David Krum, CS Faculty
  • Daniel Galvan, Director of Student Engagement
  • Thelma Federico, Outreach Coordinator
  • Blake Cortis, Technician
  • Bobbie Galaz, Student Advisor
  • Missaira Cortez (Undergraduate Student)
  • Corey Bowen (Post-Doc)
  • Emily Allen, ECST Dean

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