Congratulations to the ECST Class of 2020!

Congratulations to the ECST Class of 2020!

Cal State ECST Class of 2020

Jonathan Chavez De Rosas  Alexis Kim

Jonathon Chavez De Rosas and Alexis Kam. Jonathan, Photo Cal State LA

Every one of the 450 bachelor’s graduates, and 120 Masters graduates, in the ECST Class of 2020 committed to a challenging major, earned their degrees, and now are poised for future success in their chosen fields. Two ECST graduates singled out for university-wide recognition are Jonathon Chavez De Rosas and Alexis Kam. Jonathon, who majored in Civil Engineering, is driven by a passion for problem-solving. The first in his family to earn a college degree, his Capstone Senior Project aimed to solve a severe coastal erosion issue on Pacific Coast Highway in Ventura County. The 22-year old will pursue a master’s degree in Structural Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. Alexis majored in Mechanical Engineering and hopes for a career shaping sustainable cities of the future. One of the youngest graduates in the Class of 2020, 17-year-old Alexis was just 12 when she enrolled at the university through the Early Entrance Program for highly gifted students. For her Capstone Senior Project, Alexis designed a small-scale office building for energy efficiency research. She is considering pursuing a master’s degree in engineering with a focus on sustainable design. Read more about JonathonRead more about Alexis