RoboSub Team Top 10 International Competition

robosub team at competition

Student underwater robotics team finished top 10 in international competition.
(Photo: ECST RoboSub Team)

By: Cal State LA Newsroom

A team of students from the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology placed eighth in the 2022 RoboSub international competition held at the University of Maryland in College Park. Cal State LA’s RoboSub team competed against 39 teams from around the world. During the weeklong event, which is sponsored by the U.S. Office of Naval Research, Cal State LA’s autonomous underwater robotic submarine qualified for the semi-final by autonomously performing a set of underwater maneuvers and passing through a submerged gate. On the last day of competition, the team qualified for the finals by successfully using their onboard computer vision system to recognize and direct its heading and intercept a small underwater target. “Our team was very excited to make it into the finals this year and it’s a big reward to see the project we’ve put years of work into succeed,” said Cal State LA mechanical engineering major Aren Petrossian, who served as Cal State LA’s Robosub team captain. The other members of the Robosub team include computer science major Perla Ramirez, computer science major Jennifer Serrano-Perez, computer science major Jordan Doose, and mechanical engineering major Andrew Ye. Professor He Shen, a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, serves as the team’s technical advisor. Mark Tufenkjian, associate dean for the College of ECST, founded the RoboSub team at Cal State LA in 2016 with a grant through the Office of Naval Research.