B.S. Fire Protection Administration and Technology

The Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Protection Administration and Technology was designed to meet the needs of various fire services for educational experiences that provide both technical and administrative skills.

Fire Protection Faculty   

Fire Protection Administration is a degree completion program and, therefore, requires the completion of an appropriate curriculum at a community college.

The curriculum was developed through close consultation with representatives of all levels of the fire services, from local groups to State and National committees and boards.

Objectives & Outcomes

FPAT | Program Educational Objectives

  1. To produce graduates who will demonstrate tactical, technical, and management knowledge as fire protection professionals.
  2. To produce graduates who can apply the skills necessary to collaborate, organize, and lead.
  3. To produce graduates who will be prepared to meet the challenges of our ever-changing technological world.

FPAT | Program Student Outcomes

  1. A knowledge of concepts and practices of fire protection services and management.
  2. An ability to evaluate a system or process as well as collect and interpret data to provide a solution.
  3. A knowledge of fire protection systems and the integration of technologies.
  4. An ability to work individually and in teams to demonstrate initiative, supervision, and leadership skills.
  5. A demonstrated ability to understand and interpret political, social, professional, ethical, and legal responsibilities and a focus on quality service to clients.
  6. An understanding of emerging technologies and management practices to improve expertise now and through lifelong self-development.
  7. An ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing to diverse audiences, including collaboration as members of multi-disciplinary project teams.
Fire Protection graduates wearing gowns and helmets at Commencement

Requirements & Information

Importance of Advisement

The Department of Technology strives to provide you with the support and academic information you need to reach your goal of a degree in Fire Protection Administration and Technology from California State University, Los Angeles.

We recommend meeting with your advisor prior to registering for each quarter to ensure that you are on track with your degree in terms of the following:

  • Lower and upper division General Education requirements;
  • University requirements such as ENGL 102, Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE), diversity requirement, and the Introduction to Higher Education (IHE);
  • Major requirements for the Aviation Administration program.

Reach Out

Lily Chen, Ph.D. at [email protected]
Fire Protection Administration Advisor
Department of Technology Office ET A337 | Phone: (323) 343-4550 | [email protected]