Fall 24 Curriculum Changes

This page has been created to help current B.S in CE students understand the changes to the CE curriculum that will be in effect  starting Fall 24 semester and choose between staying in their current catalog year curriculum or moving to the new curriculum.

Important Note #1: 

The positive impact of the changes will be great, but they will have minimal to no impact in terms of number of classes or graduation time, so there is no need to worry about it. Nevertheless,  students will need to make a choice, so it is important that they have clear understanding of the changes.

Important Note #2:

You will have the chance to move to the new CE Program (starting with Catalog Year 2024-2025), or you can stay in your current program. Either way, the impact will be minimal, and your choice should be based on what is best for you.

Important Note #3: 

Although changes will officially happen in Fall 24 semester, it will likely impact your Spring/24 course selection.

Important Note #4: 

Independent of the choice you make, you WILL need to take CE 3650 before you take Senior Design.

  1. Physics 2200 will be replaced with two new courses: a AutoCAD course (CE 1900) that will help you get entry-level jobs in Civil Engineering (add per request of our Industry Advisory Board), and a new data analysis course (CE 3220) that has become increasingly important in today’s data-driven world.
  2. CE 4960 (first semester of senior design) is being replaced with CE 3650 Fundamentals of Construction Management. Since senior design will become a ONE-semester course CE 4970, it will allow the department to offer it every semester, eliminating the stress to complete all senior design prerequisites by Fall.

  1. CE 1950 - Now becomes CE 2900.
  2. CE 4570 - Construction Cost Estimation & Fin. Mgmt. will become a Lecture Elective, not a Design Elective.
  3. New CE 4810 - Environmental Sustainability and Renewable Energy added as to Lecture Electives.

Most students will benefit from switching to the new catalog, which means they would be following the requirements of the new CE program (ex: do not require PHYS 2200 and requires new CAD Course and new Data Analysis Course), in some cases the change is not beneficial (ex: change would delay graduation).

  1. Look at the Decision Flowchart  to help you decide and plan for your Spring semester.
  2. Complete Fall 24 CE Curriculum Changes - Student Survey to let us know about where you are in your current program and your decision about changing to the new program. The survey will also provide you with recommendations. The link was sent to your email.
  3. Register for Spring with your decision and our recommendations from the Student Survey in mind.