Student Outcomes for the MSME Program

Knowledge Outcomes:

  1. ability to apply mathematics, science, and engineering
  2. knowledge of how engineering projects are financed and managed 
  3. knowledge of computer aided engineering skills
  4. knowledge of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to engineering problem solving
  5. knowledge of automation and manufacturing processes
  6. knowledge of problem solving strategies
  7. knowledge of automation and manufacturing processes

Skill Outcomes:

  1. ability to use sources of technical information and information technology
  2. ability to design a system, component or process
  3. ability to communicate effectively
  4. ability to design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data
  5. ability to conduct research
  6. ability to use techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools
  7. ability to do logical sequential thinking
  8. ability to work in multidisciplinary teams to obtain common goals
  9. ability to utilize modern manufacturing processes

Attitude Outcomes:

  1. an appreciation of diverse populations
  2. an understanding of how to interact with co-workers effectively
  3. a respect and appreciation for Imagination, creativity and innovation
  4. an understanding of taking responsibilities and leadership
  5. willingness to volunteer time and energy for good of the community