CS Faculty Advising and Office Hours

Academic Advising

Faculty Advisors  Office Hours (Summer 2022)

Dr. Kang ([email protected]) - Department Chair; Undergraduate/Graduate Advisement

  • Zoom Office Hours (waiting room enabled)
    • Zoom link: https://calstatela.zoom.us/j/82127958007
    • Tue and Wed, 9AM-11AM. An appointment is required. Reserve a 15-min time slot at https://calendly.com/eykang/15min. Join the zoom 2 mins before your appointment time.
    • Additional hours in June and July (no appointment needed; join the zoom): 3:30-4:30PM, June 30; 1-2PM, July 1; 10-11AM, July 18; 10-11AM, July 21st. 
    • Additional hours: By email appointment

​Dr. Ye ([email protected]) - Undergraduate Advisement


Dr. Pamula ([email protected]) - Undergraduate/Graduate Advisement

  • OFF semester
  • If you need to reach Dr. Pamula for urgent advising requests, send him an email.

Dr. Parviz - Graduate Advisement

  • In-person meeting: by appointment