Computer Science Supplementary Authorization Program

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Program Overview

Offered online, and both synchronous and asynchronous class meetings, the courses in the Computer Science Supplementary Authorization Program will meet the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) requirements. The program is designed for practicing teachers in our community with an interest in adding a Computer Science Supplementary Authorization to their portfolio. This program is offered in partnership with the Department of Computer Science at Cal State LA

Industry experts and highly qualified instructors from Cal State LA with experience in computer science will teach courses. Upon completion of the program, teachers will be prepared to develop, implement, and adapt curriculum, and instructional strategies to promote foundational skills and knowledge science, computational thinking, and problem-solving with software.

Students can choose from one of two supplementary authorization programs. Each course is 10-weeks long:

Introductory Supplementary Authorization - Within one year, students will take three (3) courses. Subject areas include computational thinking, computing practice and programming, computer and communication devices, and impacts of computing.

Specific Supplementary Authorization - Within one year, students will take four (4) courses. Subject areas include computer programming, data structures, and algorithms, digital devices, systems and networks, software design, and impacts of computing. 

To successfully complete each program, students must receive a “C” or better grade in each class. Please visit the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Please note that priority will be given to credentialed teachers that will be ready to submit their request for an added computer science at the completion of the program.

Who Should Enroll?

The Computer Science Supplementary Authorization program is for K-12 practicing teachers, and school or district administrators in public or private schools with an interest in adding a Supplementary Authorization (introductory or specific) in computer science. 

The broad nature of the curriculum also makes it applicable to others seeking to further their knowledge in teaching computer science. Courses may qualify for salary points. Please check with your district.


Program Per Unit Rate Units Required Total Program Cost
Introductory Supplementary Authorization $299 10 $2,990
Specific Supplementary Authorization $299 13 $3,887






The Fall 2022 Computer Science Supplementary Authorization Program schedule is coming soon.

Program Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in any subject is required to enroll in this program.

Students must receive a “C” or better grade in each class to successfully complete the program.

Program Curriculum

Introductory Supplementary Authorization

  • CS 7010: Intro to Computational Thinking & Programming – 3 units
    • Prerequisite: Computer Literacy
  • CS 7020: Programming and Data Structures – 4 units
    • Prerequisite: CS 7010
    • Intermediate Python programming; introduction to basic data structures; impacts of computing.
  • CS 7100: Computer Systems and Networks 
    • Prerequisite: Computer Literacy – 3 units

Specific Supplementary Authorization

  • CS 7010, CS 7020, CS 7100 and
  • CS 7030 – Algorithms and Software Design – 3 units
    • Prerequisite: CS 7020

To Enroll

To register for the Fall 2022 Computer Science Supplementary Authorization Program, please submit payment here. (Coming soon)


For information regarding the program and courses, please email Dr. David Krum, Program Director.

For registration assistance, please email the College of Professional and Global Education (PaGE) Student Services or call (323) 343-4900.