Degree Requirements (30 units)

A total of 30 units is required, including at least 15 units of graduate (5000- level) courses and a thesis or comprehensive examination. MATH 4021 is required of all students if not taken as part of their undergraduate program. Students must attain at least a 3.0 grade point average in all courses in the approved degree program, as well as in their area of specialization. The advice and approval of a civil engineering graduate advisor must be obtained before enrolling in any course. A writing proficiency examination is required of all students. The MSCE program is organized as follows:

Advanced Mathematics (3 units)

MATH 4021 Advanced Mathematics I for Engineers and Physicists; or ME 4090 Mechanical Engineering Analysis is required and must be fulfilled prior to advancement to candidacy.

Electives in Civil Engineering (18-27 units)

Select from 4000 and 5000-level civil engineering courses, with adviser approval.

Electives in Related Fields (0-9 units)

Select from 4000 and 5000-level courses outside civil engineering, with adviser approval.

Comprehensive Examination or Thesis (0 or 3 units)

CE 5960 Comprehensive Examination (0) or CE 5990 Thesis or Project (1-4) (3 units)

Students who select the comprehensive examination should expect to take it the semester they complete all course work in their program and must comply with college and departmental requirements. The comprehensive examination can be attempted a maximum of two times.

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement

Students are required to satisfy the graduation writing assessment requirement (GWAR) by passing the writing proficiency examination (WPE).  Students selecting this option must register for the WPE (listed as UNIV 4000) no later than the add deadline for the  second semester they are enrolled in the graduate program. Students with earned doctorate or masters degrees or those who have passed a similar examination at an accredited institution must see the department and may petition to earn credit for UNIV 4000.