Precollege Programs and Services

MESA Engineering Program (MSP)

The MEP supports educationally disadvantaged students to attain four-year degrees in engineering or computer science. The MEP's rigorous academics, leadership preparation, and collaborative problem-solving training produce highly skilled graduates who meet industry's workforce needs. The MEP establishes a peer community for its students, most of whom are first in their family to go to college, based on mutual academic support and high standards, encouragement and motivation. Establishment of this strong academic peer community sets MEP apart from most other programs.


LaunchPad students presented at the first ever California State University, Los Angeles #Futurethon where they identified a project they would work on in 2025. Students applied the engineering and computer science knowledge and hands on experience from the #LaunchPad Summer Program to gain a stronger understanding of what it would take to bring their envisioned project from concept to reality and above all... describe how it would change and impact lives.