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Welcome to the Cal State LA’s College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology (ECST) LAunchPad Summer Program. LAunchPad is a two-week summer program at Cal State LA where you learn the exciting ways engineers and computer scientists make the world a better place. Explore the field of computing and data science, and discover how you can use it to bring your project to life. Apply it in class projects such as using your cell phone to control a robot, and learn how to test and keep clean the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Engineers working in the field will visit to explain what their jobs involve and to share their experiences to help you better understand the field. Along the way, you’ll make new friends, meet our ECST students and faculty, and get to know our beautiful campus. We hope you enjoy your two weeks on our campus, and that you consider applying to ECST this Fall when it’s time for your college applications.



LAunchPad 2020 Schedule

Week 1

Biomechanical Engineering MONDAY, 7/13
Biomechanical Engineering
What makes a city run TUESDAY, 7/14
What makes a city run?
Robotics and Sustainable Automation WEDNESDAY, 7/15
Robotics and Sustainable Automation
Environment Science THURSDAY, 7/16
Environment Science

Week 2

Emerging Computer Science MONDAY, 7/20
Emerging Computer Science
Keeping the world safe! TUESDAY, 7/21
Keeping the World Safe!
Sustainable Energy WEDNESDAY, 7/22
Sustainable Energy
Aerospace and Manufacturing THURSDAY, 7/23
Aerospace and Manufacturing






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