Sponsors and Grants

California Air Resources Board                                                                    $2.7 M

United States Department of Energy                                                            $475 K

South Coast Air Quality Management District                                              $250 K

Mobile Sources Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee                        $250 K

The Ahmanson Foundation                                                                           $200 K

Automobile Club of Southern California                                                        $50 K

Kenneth Brasher (’62) Trust

California State University , Los Angeles

Fran Morris-Rosman and Richard Rosman



2014 – 2017, “CSULA Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility Maintenance and Operations,” funded by California Energy Commission    $300 K

2012 – 2017, “CSULA Hydrogen Refueling Facility Performance Evaluation and Optimization,” funded by DOE    $400 K

2016 – 2019, “H2Ride Hydrogen Shuttle Bus Demonstration Project,” funded by California Energy Commission   $3 M (CSULA 250K+1M in 2 buses)