People Involved


david blekhman David Blekhman, Ph.D.
Technical director
[email protected]
blake cortis Blake Cortis
Station Technician

Concept Inventor

Dr James Ettaro and H2 station drawing

James Ettaro, Founder, Professor of Technology

Dr. Ettaro's vision for the facility was not only to generate sustainably-produced hydrogen but also to not rely on "off-the-shelf" technology and instead use technology that was state-of-the-art.


Sarab Singh

Associate Director, for Planning, Design & Construction.
Phone/Ext: 3-5783
[email protected]

Roger Christman

Former director for Planning and Construction

Warren Jacobs

Current Assoc. VP for Planning and Construction.
Associate Vice President for Facilities, Planning, Design and Construction.
Phone/Ext: 3-5785
[email protected]

Key People & Contributors

James Ettaro
Founder, Professor of Technology


Virgil Seaman
Cofounder, Professor of Technology

Collette Rocha
Development Officer
Former member, Office of Development

Worked closely with the second CARB solicitation proposal and fundraising.

John Johns
Development Officer

Former Development Director, College of ECST, when starting the grant solicitation process and fundraising.

David Blekhman
Cofounder, Professor of Technology
Station Technical Director

Herbert F. Burnett
Professional Engineer

Consultant, Cal State LA Hydrogen Station

Michael Dray
Former Station Manager, Operations & Marketing

Blake Cortis
Station Technician

Hydrogen Station Technician