Blueprint of equipment layout

Hydrogenics Electrolyzer

Model number: HySTATtm - A 1000 D/30/10, 60 kg/day production capacity

Serial number: P09169

Program number: 1038228


Hydrogen chiller

Quantum Technologies 70 Mpa Hydrogen chiller

Modified BV Thermal Systems unit

Model number: #112806


Low pressure compressor

PDC Machines, Inc.

Model number: PDV-4-1000-7500

Discharge pressure: 420 bar or 6,092 PSI compressor, 0.044 kg/min

Type: Two stage diaphragm type


Storage tanks (3 units)

Model number: CPI 8x16247

Capacity: three (3) tanks, 20kg capacity at 350 bar each

Total: 60kg storage capacity



High pressure compressors (2 units)

Hydropac Compressors, Inc.

Model numbers: C 12-60-10500LX/SS

Discharge pressure: 827 bar or 12,000 PSI, 0.5 kg/min each

Type: Single stage reciprocating type


Buffer tanks (4 units)

Faber Corporation, Italy

Capacity: Four (4) tanks, total of 10kg at 12,000 PSI



Quantum Technologies Hydrogen Dispenser

Modified Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Model number (1): #NRO, "Encore 500S"

Model number (2): #112892

First California Hydrogen Dispenser "Type Certification" number 5741-15

Accuracy Class 5.0  (+/- 5%)


Plant air compressors (dual)

Two (2) Ingersoll-Rand two stage compressors

Model number: #2475


Closed looped cooling chiller unit

Dual cooling circuits

Dimplex Thermal Solutions "Koolant Koolers"

Model number: #WO 40,000-M



H2 chiller

Low pressure compressor


Storage tank

High pressure compressor

Buffer tanks



Air compressor