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Sharri Kornblum with the FYrE students

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... Welcome to ECST! ... And welcome to Cal State LA!

[email protected] is a first-year experience program for incoming freshman in the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology.  [email protected] will engage first-time freshmen in the ECST community through (1) STEP, a pre-freshman summer bridge program to prepare them to start the Calculus sequence in their first year, a critical factor for on-time graduation from engineering and computer science programs; (2) Introduction to Engineering and Technology, a new 3-unit first-year engineering and technology course with hands-on design projects; (3) Mathemagics, a discovery-based learning workshop designed to improve critical thinking skills by conducting experiments which help students relate theoretical math and physics concepts to physical reality; and (4) Supplemental Instruction workshops, which are peer-facilitated workshops to also enhance our students’ critical thinking in math and physics. All of these components will be integrated through a new comprehensive developmental advisement plan (MyGoldenEagle Flight Plan, or GEFP).  The GEFP will tie together targeted milestones of the students’ academics, career development, and community engagement into one integrated first year experience to help our students better navigate through their college education and develop their identity as engineers.

We hope you, the students, will enjoy this exciting journey and find yourselves living out the motto of [email protected] and the College to "Commit to Excellence. Engage in Community."


Students group photo performing ROV Testing   Faculty meet for FYrECandid picture of Dr.Sun and his student Harsh   Dr. Chengyu Sun supervises Harsh Gadhia (M.S., Computer Science)

From top left clockwise: Students group photo performing ROV Testing; Faculty meet for FYrE ; Candid picture of Dr.Sun and his student Harsh;Dr. Chengyu Sun supervises Harsh Gadhia (M.S., Computer Science) on web development of the Golden Eagle Flight Plan – Online


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Orval Hernandez (Program Co-Ordinator)
Phone (323) 343-4574 | ohernan9@calstatela.edu


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