Faculty & Staff

Building Room MUS 127

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Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Until further notice, some office hours will be virtual due to limited campus repopulation. Please email [email protected] for assistance and/or to make an appointment prior to travelling to campus.


  • Dr. Michael Caldwell, Music Department Chair

Associate Chair

Full Time Faculty

Paul DeCastro (FERP) Professor of Music in Afro Latin Music, Jazz Studies
Office: MUS 12 Phone: (323) 343-4079

James Ford Professor of Music in Trumpet, Jazz Studies
Office: MUS 70 Phone: (323) 343-4081

Sara Graef Professor of Music in Composition and Theory
Office: MUS 235 Phone: (323) 343-4073

Christopher Gravis Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities
Office: MUS 122 Phone: (323) 343-4068

John M. Kennedy Professor of Music in Composition and Theory
Office: MUS 236 Phone: (323) 343-4084

Patti Kilroy Assistant Professor of Music in Strings and Music Education
Office: MUS 132 Phone: (323) 343-4086 Email: [email protected]

Ross Levinson (FERP) Professor of Music in Commercial Music and Music Technology
Office: MUS 14 Phone: (323) 343-5448

Emily Moss Associate Professor of Music and Director of Bands/Director of Instrumental Music Education
Office: Music 132 Phone: (323)-343-4062

João Pedro Marcondes Mourão Assistant Professor
Office: Music 128 Phone: (323)-343-4060

Adam Snow Assistant Professor, Percussion
Office: Music 53 Phone: (323)-343-4060 [email protected]

Beverly Stein Professor of Music in Music History
Office: MUS 130 Phone: (323) 343-4077

Steve Wight Professor of Music in Commercial Music and Recording Arts
Office: MUS 14 Phone: (323) 343-5447

Applied Music Faculty

Diane Alancraig, flute

Satik Andriassian, classical guitar

David Askren, jazz guitar

Jenny Kim, French horn

Iris Cepeda, voice

Joshua Davis, bassoon

Pedro Flores, vihuela

Helen Goode-Castro, clarinet

Carla Hassett, voice

Randy Jones, euphonium and tuba

Robert MacNeil, voice

Kara Masek, voice

Aki Nishiguchi, oboe

Scott Oakley, jazz piano

Calixto Oveido, percussion

Robert Ward, piano

Greg McFall, electric bass

Robert Sanders, trombone

Dillon MacIntyre, trombone

Harvey Pittel, saxophone

Hitomi Oba, jazz saxophone

Zachary Deak, piano

Michelle Elliott Rearick, cello

Scott Worthington, double bass 

Marta Honer, viola