Prepare For Registration

Below, undergraduate students will find important tools and information relating to course registration.

How to Register

Step-by-step guide

A step-by-step guide to course registration may be found on the University Registrar's website.

Registration Tools

Degree Planner

Degree Planner provides recommended course schedules by semester based on a student's declared major(s), premajor, minor(s), and certificate(s). The Arts & Letters Advisement Center requires students to review Degree Planner before receiving a class schedule check from an advisor.

Schedule Planner

After selecting courses for a given semester, the Schedule Planner can generate a list of potential schedules prior to registration. The class sections can then be loaded into the Shopping Cart in the GET Student Center.

Campus Academic Advisement Report (CAAR)

A student's CAAR can be accessed through the GET Student Center. Among other academic records, the CAAR shows a student's progress toward their declared degree programs. This is a very important tool to get familiar with and understand.

Registration FAQ

When can I register?

Once registration dates have been finalized, students may view their assigned registration date and time for the upcoming term in the "Enrollment Dates" section in the GET Student Center.

View Registration Date

When can I view the upcoming term's class offerings?

Once the Schedule of Classes has been published online, it may be viewed by clicking the "Search" link in the GET Student Center, or by visiting the University Scheduling Office's website.

Class Search

What is a registration hold?

University departments may place holds on student accounts for various reasons. Holds prevent students from registering for classes. Students may view any outstanding holds in the GET Student Center.


Why am I getting an error message?

While finishing the enrollment process, students sometimes encounter error messages. A list of error messages may be found here. In order to ensure a smooth registration experience, students should use the "validate" function in the GET Student Center to clear any potential error messages prior to their enrollment date.


How do waitlists work?

Please review the Waitlist FAQ on the University Registrar's website.