Academic Probation and Disqualification

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How to Request an Advising Appointment

The College of Arts and Letters Advisement Center is committed to assisting you in achieving academic success.  Many students experince some form of academic difficulty during their college career.  Sometimes students find it challenging to remain in good academic standing as they try to adjust to college life.  School is often just one of several competing priorities, including work and family obligations.  Whatever your sitution may be, our aim is to provide you with the necessary academic support and resources to overcome your obstacles and guide you back to a successful academic path.  We want to help all students as they pursue their bachelor's degree at Cal State L.A.!

Academic Probation:

If your grade point average at Cal State L.A. or your cumulative grade point average has fallen below a 2.0, you are at risk of becoming academically disqualified.


If your grade point average at Cal State L.A. or cumulative grade point average has fallen to a level that makes you academically disqualified, you will need to petition for immediate reinstatement by the published deadline in the schedule of classes and attend a mandatory advisement session. To schedule an advising session, please do so via the Student Success Collaborative at the top of the page. 


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