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How to Request an Advising Appointment

If you are a senior and are ready to apply for graduation, you must file a Graduation Application with the Graduation Office. Please review your CSU Academic Advisement Report (CAAR) in GET to ensure that you are on track for degree completion. Qualifying seniors must meet the following criteria:

     1. Earn at least 135 quarter units or 90 semester units

     2. Will earn a minimum grade point average of at least 2.0 (or higher depending on major option) in each of the following:

  • All college work attempted (includes transferwork)
  • All attempted coursework at Cal State LA
  • General Education Cousres
  • Major Coursework

     4. Adhere to all general education, major, and unversity requirements specific to catalog year

     5. Finish all requirements by end of declared term

The Graduation Application is available in ADM 409 or can be printed directly from the Graduation Office's website.

Graduation Term
Undergraduate Application Deadline
Spring Term
October 15th
Fall Term
March 1st 
Summer Term
February 1st
Winter Intersession
September 1st
The Cashier's Office will forward all paid and approved applications to the Graduation Office.

You must apply for the term in which you will finish all of your requirements. Only qualifying candidates will participate in commencement.