Message from the Associate Dean

Katherine Weiss

Welcome to Cal State LA’s College of Arts & Letters! 

At Cal State LA, students come first. What makes Cal State LA so unique is the attention we give to each student’s academic and professional development. We are proud of the many outstanding programs offered in the College of Arts & Letters. 

Our programs are of the highest quality and are designed to provide a variety of experiences that will enrich your program of study. We are also proud of our outstanding faculty and their many scholarly and creative achievements. The synergy of a dedicated faculty and the diversity of our students results in a truly inspiring educational experience. The College of Arts & Letters is enriched by you!

A crucial component of student success is access to academic advising. As Associate Dean, it is my responsibility to ensure that all students have access to academic advising.

Academic advisors will answer questions and guide you in your journey toward graduation.

The University Academic Advisement Center helps with questions regarding the General Education program and overall university requirements. Students with undeclared majors may begin their conversations about career paths there.

The College of Arts & Letters Academic Advisement Center can assist you with questions about your specific major. College Advisors will assist in setting up your program of study and processing graduation applications. College advisors can also assist with transfer student questions and concerns.

Department advisors are available to assist you regarding career paths in your major.

In addition to coordinating advisement for the College, I administer student affairs and serve as the college Graduate Dean. My door is always open to students and my goal is to make your experience here productive and rewarding. 

Once again, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Cal State LA!

Dr. Katherine Weiss, Associate Dean

MUS 230 (323) 343-4004

[email protected]