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Pathways to Careers

The College of Arts and Letters provides students with all the available means of planning academic programs that lead towards a variety of career goals and opportunities. The nine departments that comprise the College of Arts and Letters, (Art, Communication Studies, English, Liberal Studies, Modern Languages and Literatures, MusicPhilosophy, Televison, Film, & Media Studies, Theatre and Dance) offer multiple majors, degree options, tracks and minors; each geared towards providing students with theoretical, philosophical, conceptual and real world knowledge that serves as foundation to enter a range of jobs, professions and careers.

The following resources provide practical examples of career pathways for students who major in any of the departments within the College of Arts and Letters. Many of the departments and programs in the College of Arts and Letters are included under the larger disciplinary frame of the Humanities.

In a very basic sense, the Humanities engage in exploration and explanation of human experience and expression. The humanities involve inquiry into the nature of beauty, consciousness, values, ideas and ideals through the study of languages, art and artistic expression, history, philosophy, as well as human cultural and political expression.

The Humanities work to describe how a critical contemplation on human experience and expression helps to shape our understanding of the world; looking at the past and present, while always preparing meaningful and transformative engagements for the future.

Please view these preliminary pathways to careers and make sure to visit an academic advisor on a regular basis!

(To enlarge, click on the desired area to open the corresponding pathways file in a new window or right click to download the PDF file.)

Pathways to CareersPathways to Careers in ArtPathways to Careers in EnglishPathways to Careers in Theatre Arts & DancePathways to Careers in MusicPathways to Careers in PhilosophyPathways to Careers in Modern Languages & LiteraturesPathways to Careers in Liberal StudiesPathways to Careers in Communication StudiesPathways to careers in Television/Film/Media Studies

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Departments in the College Arts and Letters

Department Location Phone Number
Art Fine Arts 328 323-343-4010
Communication Studies Music 104 323-343-4200
English E&T A604 323-343-4140
Liberal Studies E&T A405 323-343-4100
Modern Languages and Literatures King Hall D1054 323-343-4230
Music Music 127 323-343-4060
Theatre & Dance TA 110 323-343-4110
Philosophy E&T A432 323-343-4180
Television, Film, & Media Studies Music 245 323-221-1103

Please see information related to the Master of Fine Arts in Television, Film and Theatre Music Building 106 (323) 343- 4207