How to use this Repository by Time (Asynchronous or Synchronous)

You can run a fully online course using only asynchronous instruction. Traditionally, not-in-person instruction has been run asynchronously.

Asynchronous (Not live)

Please select an activity. You can modify and use one in your course.

An artifact, a coin, is presented. Students participate in an online, asynchronous discussion about it
  • Perhaps, you can present an artifact like this French coin minted in 1782 to mark the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
  • And then set-up a online asynchronous discussion and ask "What is the significance of minting this coin at that time in France? What does it indicate about the relationships between America and the powers in Europe?"
  • Students can then answer with their original responses via a text response or a short pre-recorded video.
Two interlocking circles with space to write in similarities in the center and differences on the edge
Student typing on a PC in a student dormitory

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Synchronous (Live)

Many activities above can be carried out live. Below are activities that must be synchronous (live) to work. (Even these can be modified to work asynchronously).