Pose Relevance Questions

Essential Details

Interaction Type People Time Stakes

✖ Learner-to-Learner


✖ Learner-to-Content


✖ With Others


 ✖ Synchronous


✖ High-Stakes


In a discussion or quiz, ask (1) How does that relate to the problem; (2) How does that bear on the question?; and/or (3) How does that help us with the issue.


Discussion: In the video about environmental justice, the city was proposing to renew the license of a toxic landfil to continue to operate in city limits. The landfill resulted in poor air quality, threatening to residents with chronic lung ailments. City residents advocated for city council meetings to be in both English and Spanish.

How does this advocacy relate to environmental justice? Can you think about another example from the reading, videos, or your own experience about how people-led advocacy furthers environmental justice?

Bloom's level

The level in bold indicates this activity’s place within Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning (Cognitive Domain). Higher-levels contains lower-levels within it.

Level Action







Third Apply
Second Understand
First Remember




  • Canvas Discussion
  • Canvas Quiz

Teaching Goal

The one main teaching goal for your activity

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