Conduct a Community-based Project

November 20, 2019

Essential Details

Interaction Type People Time Stakes





 With Others



✖ Low-Stakes



Students plan and/or conduct a project in the community. Students then analyze their process and results based on their findings and the project's effectiveness. 

With community-based projects, students link academic knowledge with real-life situations and how to apply their skills to a specific context relevant to student lives.


In the Group Project, you will work in teams of 4-5 students to research a drug misuse or drug abuse issue. You will identify a target population and geographical area that is impacted by this issue. You will research what evidence-based programs have been developed that might be adapted to your specific drug misuse/abuse issue and target population/geographical area with the goal of developing your own program and presenting to the class by the end of the course.

Thank you Michael Janson (Public Health at Cal State LA) for providing this example.

Bloom's Level

Level Action



Fifth Evaluate
Fourth Analyze
Third Apply
Second Understand
First Remember




  • Canvas Discussion
  • Canvas Assignment

Teaching Goal 

Practice New Skills or Concepts


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