Pose Fairness Questions

Essential Details

Interaction Type People Time Stakes

✖ Learner-to-Learner


✖ Learner-to-Content


✖ With Others


 ✖ Synchronous


✖ High-Stakes


In a discussion or quiz, ask (1) Do you have any stake in this issue?; (2) Are you sympathetically representing the viewpoint of others?


After short notice, the federal government used eminent domain to procure land for a interstate rail system. This rail system will shorten commute times, increase local commerce, and provide jobs. However, long-time residents were displaced.

How do you conclude whether the benefits of the new rail outweighs the cost? Do you have a personal stake in this issue if it happened in your community? If you were a resident or a commuter?

Bloom's level

The level indicates this activity’s place within Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning (Cognitive Domain). Higher-levels contains lower-levels within it.

Level Action





Fourth Analyze
Third Apply
Second Understand
First Remember




  • Canvas Discussion
  • Canvas Quiz

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