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After reviewing material, students write a quiz question and share it with faculty or other students.

The question stem can ask for a definition, ask for a solution, differentiate between concepts, or ask for an inference. Students can present a scenario and have students select a procedure or principle to apply.

Effective question stems are meaningful (mostly complete) by themselves, pose a question, and present a problem.

Answer choices, or alternatives, should have parallel grammatical structure and be clear. There should only be one correct answer. 


A faculty sets up a Canvas Discussion with the option "User must post before seeing replies." A student then is prompted to write an original question.

A student can write the following question for the Political Science course:

Question: What is the chief difference between how newspapers and TV news cover campaigns and influence voters?

  • A.Newspapers and TV news differ drastically in terms of content.
  • B.Newspapers and TV news have enormous impact on public opinion.
  • C.Newspapers play a significant but limited role in informing voters.
  • D.TV news does not differ substantially from newspapers in the quantity of coverage.

(Note the parallel structure, clear alternatives, and one correct answer (C).)

The student can then answer a question written by another student.

Bloom's Level

The level in bold indicates this activity’s place within Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning (Cognitive Domain). Higher-levels contains lower-levels within it.

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  • Canvas Discussion
  • Canvas Assignment

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