Student Media

Hands-on opportunities

  • DJ at work
  • University Times award winners
  • Set still

The Journalism program offers several opportunities for hands-on experience.  Whether it's radio, TV, print or multimedia, there is something for you.



University Times website

The University Times has been the official newspaper for California State University, Los Angeles since 1948. It's the most popular news organization on campus with thousands of reach on Facebook and approximately 1.5 thousand followers through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the number growing every year. The University Times remains as one of the most influential sources at Cal State LA because of the collective hard work from both student and faculty staff. The content has always been highly regarded in the community.

Golden Eagle Radio

We at Golden Eagle Radio want to provide an environment that encourages creativity and campus awareness. As a club, we are working to incorporate all areas of our campus and create more student involvement. Our goal is to bring unity to the CSULA community through diverse, informative, and exemplary student broadcasting.

Golden Eagle TV

Golden Eagle TV gives students the opportunity to learn how to work in a broadcast television newsroom. From production roles to on-camera experience, students produce all aspects of a show and end up with videos that can help them find jobs in the industry. Even if you're not interested in being an anchor or correspondent, you'll learn how to present yourself professionally, ask well-crafted questions and speak clearly to an audience.

Golden Eagle Docs

Coming Soon!