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Vision Statement

KCAL studio

The program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism emphasizes both theoretical understanding and practical application of the news industry in contemporary society. It is the primary objective of our curriculum to develop a knowledgeable and artistically skilled graduate who will be able to pursue an advanced degree and/or a professional journalism career in radio, television, digital, and multiplatform media. The program emphasizes the importance of the news media in constructing awareness of the multi-cultural composition of society, as well as the media's impact on all aspects of human interaction.

What do you want to be?

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Potential jobs include:

Digital, Print, Broadcast and Multimedia Reporter  •  Social Media Editor  •  Radio, TV and Podcast Anchor/Host  •  Data Journalist  •  Radio, TV, Podcast and Multimedia Producer  •  Investigative Reporter  •  Photographer and videojournalist  •  Audio, Video and Multimedia Editor  •  Public Relations Executive

  • Filming on a tripod
    Filming on tripod (mobile friendly)
  • Los Angeles Football Club field trip
  • Golden Eagle Radio DJ
  • University Times screen grab
  • Golden Eagle TV Jorge Garcia slider
  • Golden Eagle TV reporters
  • Golden Eagle Radio DJ

Main Office

TVFM 102
Phone: (323) 221-1047


Dr. Kristina Hackel
[email protected]

Associate Chair, Journalism

Julie Patel Liss, M.A.
[email protected]