Undergraduate Audition Expectations

Campus Map and Parking

When arriving on campus, please purchase a day pass at the yellow kiosks located within each parking area. Please refer to the Department of Public Safety website for more information. Please check-in at our welcome table for audition time and location. Click here for the Campus Map.
Welcome Table
Our department will have a “Welcome Table” to give students the opportunity to ask questions about specific programs.
Theory Placement Exam
Theory Placement exams are only required for transfer students who did not complete the theory sequence at a previous institution. These transfer students will take the placement exam in August just prior to the beginning of the semester or the start of the semester.
Practice Rooms
Unlocked practice rooms will be available for warm up on the day of auditions. Practice rooms are located in the basement of the music building in rooms MUS 44-49 and MUS 63-65. These rooms are on a first come basis. Specialized practice rooms (percussion, grand piano) are available upon request.