2023-2024 Capstone Projects | EXPO

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The faculty and students of Cal State LA’s College of ECST are pleased to present the 2023-2024 Capstone Senior Design Expo. The senior design presentations for Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology, Graphic Communication, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering will be presented on campus on Friday, May 3rd. Please register to attend this event.

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Expo Presentation Rooms and Schedule

Please click on the image below to scroll through our Expo 2024 presentation rooms and schedule details.

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Capstone Projects

ECST Capstone Senior Design Program 2023-2024 projects from the Electrical and Computer Engineering (EE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Engineering Technology (ETECH), and Computer Science (CS) programs.

CE Projects-ECST Expo 2024 by Hasmik Simon

Click to Download PDF: CE Program Projects

ITEC-GRCM Projects-ECST Expo 2024 by Hasmik Simon

Click to Download PDF: ITEC + GRCM Program Projects

Calendar of Events

ECST Capstone Senior Design Program's calendar of events.

09-01-2023 Launch EE, ME, ETEC Fall Cohort, and CS
12-01-2023 Expo EE, ME Spring Cohort
05-03-2024 Expo EE, ME, ETEC Fall Cohort, and CS, CE, TECH