People working with chemicals in a lab
People working with a machine in a lab
People working with a machine in a lab

The interdisciplinary faculty are from two colleges and five departments. A variety of research and funding opportunities prepare students to practice as engineers and scientists to build a better tomorrow through innovations in materials science and engineering.


Faculty Research Areas

Nanoscience: Hu, Liu, Zhao

Biomaterials: Brieu, Hu, Nerenberg, Gomez

Energy Materials: Bachman, Gomez, Liu

Computational Materials Science: Eshraghi, Nerenberg, Hu

Advanced Materials Processing: Eshraghi, Sharif

Electronic Materials: Jishi, Allen, Daneshgaran, Mondin

Superconductive and Magnetic Materials: Bernal, Jishi, Zhao

Mechanical Behavior of Materials: Brieu, Hu, Sharif, Eshraghi

Photochemistry and Luminescent Materials: Selke


Research Centers and Laboratories

PREM logo 

Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (PREM)

CEaS logo

Center for Energy and Sustainability (CEaS)

AM2L logo

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Laboratory (AM2L)


The Sikand Center for Sustainable and InTelligent Infrastructure (SITI)


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