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Research Interest: Materials Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Catalysis, Renewable Energy, Nanotechnology

Liu Group Fall 2022

About Us: We are a group of scientists who are passionate about designing novel materials to solve real-world problems. The type of materials we are interested in is called Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). MOFs are nanoporous crystalline coordination polymers with great structural diversity and exceptionally high surface area. Due to their multifunctional nature, MOFs can be used for a variety of applications including gas storage and separation, catalysis, solar energy harvesting and conversion, water purification, drug delivery, sensing, and semiconducting. Our research primarily focuses on the design and synthesis of new nanomaterials for the applications mentioned above. We are also interested in studying the structure-property relationship by collaborating with computational scientists. We believe that understanding materials at the molecular level will help us in designing and identifying a new generation of materials with greater performance.

Interested in Research? We are always looking for motivated undergraduate/Master's students who are interested in research to join our lab. Volunteers and paid undergraduate/graduate positions are available in Dr. Liu's lab. If you want to join her lab or have questions, please email her via [email protected].

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