About Us: Our lab is interested in the design and study of advanced functional materials for renewable energy, environmental sustainability, and biomedicine. The types of materials being studied include metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), covalent-organic frameworks, and hybrid materials. Our lab is actively developing novel materials for hydrogen storage, carbon capture, catalysis, solar energy harvesting and conversion, water purification, and drug/gene delivery. In addition, we are interested in studying the structure-property relationship and practical applications of these materials by collaborating with computational scientists, national laboratories, and industry. We believe understanding materials at the molecular level will guide us to design and develop a new generation of advanced functional materials with greater performance for sustainability and human health.


ACS Appl. Bio. Mater. cover

8/10/2023 - New Paper on using MOFs to fight Infectious Diseases

Our review paper on using MOFs to fight infectious diseases is published on ACS Applied Bio Materials Today! This paper was led and written by Cal State LA undergraduate students. Congrats Nikita, Alisa, Anna and Edgar! Read the paper

liu DOE fair award news

8/7/2023 - Dr. Liu was awarded DOE grant!

Dr. Liu was awarded a $750,000 grant from the US Department of Energy (DOE FAIR) to work on carbon capture research! This research will promote student research at Cal State LA and offer student internships at Ames National Laboratory. This award and Liu lab were featured in the University News. Read the news

summer REU 2023

8/4/2023 - Congratulations, Summer Students!

Congratulations to our summer students, Cristina, Aatikah and Kimberly, for successfully completing their summer programs with REU poster presentations today at the Summer 2023 Symposium! 



Undergraduate and Graduate Research Assistants

The Liu Lab is looking for highly motivated undergraduate and Master's students to join our lab working on various projects ranging from renewable energy, carbon capture, catalysis, and drug delivery. Interested students, please email your CV/Resume to Dr. Liu ([email protected]).