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STEM Core Internship 2021

The ECE department at Cal State LA has a partnership with Growth Sector's STEM Core program to provide internship opportunities on campus and remote.  For more information, please contact Dr. Liu at [email protected] 

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Summer 2021 Projects

Shower robot

Shower Assistant Robot

The goal was to create a robotic arm prototype specifically designed for individuals with a disability that constrains their movements.

Photo of interview

Career Development

Interns worked on developing their career path and transition to industry.

Website development

Website Development

Interns worked on developing a website to showcase their projects and the BE WINNORS program.

Career Development

For the Career Development portion of their internship, Interns were tasked to interview CSULA EE Alumni. Alumni chosen proved to be successful not only in the classroom during the course of their undergraduate or graduate study but also in their transition to industry. The overall goal of the interview was to ask questions that would help Interns in their own paths towards their chosen careers.  To view an interview, please click a picture of an alumni below:

Interview with Bianca Valdovinos  Interview with Jonathan Estrada

Website hierarchy chart

Website Development Projects

Interns where given the responsibility to construct two websites. They were assigned website development tutorial projects as an introduction to the practicalities of web development. They worked on structuring a page of content using CSS. Additionally they learned skills in the following areas: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) for structuring web content and an introduction to JavaScript programming language to add interactive features to a website.

Interns individually took on leadership roles assuming responsibility for making the most important decisions that paved the way to the team’s goal. Interns created a hierarchy chart to show the structure of the website, gathered content, created a video for the home page, and create a contact page through google. Interns attended weekly meeting with Dr. Liu, Dr.Wang, Dr.Won to communicate project details. Schedule team meetings to follow up on deadlines and plan out necessary changes.


Intern Team Summer 2021

Aaron Dixon

Aaron Dixon Photo

Aaron Dixon is a Mechanical Engineering Major who transferred to Cal State LA from Santa Ana College. Aaron was placed in three subgroups within the internship and was able to gain experience from them all. While shadowing IntelliMed, Aaron was able see how data is implemented and analyzed using algorithms written within Matlab. In the Career Development aspect of the internship, Aaron wrote the interview questions, conducted Alumni interviews, and aided in the refinement of the outreach presentation. While working with his Mentors on the Robotic arm team, he learned how to implement trade analyses for various system components. Aaron also assisted in the reverse engineering of the robotic arm, came up with a waterproofing solution for the electrical component of the robotic arm, and aided in the final design for the packaging of the linear track. While participating in the summer internship Aaron learned many valuable skills such as time management, project planning, and how work with others while being remote.

Luz Hernandez

Photo of Luz Hernandez

Luz Hernandez is a computer science major at Santa Ana College working to transfer to UC Santa Cruz to complete her bachelor's degree. Luz is interested in specializing in software engineering. She demonstrated her leadership skills by leading discussion for a week, updating interns on due dates, and creating a Gantt chart to help with time management. She contributed to the website design by creating a hierarchy chart and creating a google contact sheet to link to the website. She learned front end web development with HTML and CSS. She participated in Dr. Won’s rat research. Alongside her mentor Andrea, she was responsible to plot date that would further assist with coding from specific points. She developed team working and time management skills by juggling multiple projects with her team. 


Mesfin Kebede

Photo of Mesfin Kebede

Mesfin Kebede is a STEM core student at Merritt college since Spring 2019. He completed an Associate degree in Application Security from Merritt College in May 2021. He is also currently completing an Associate degree in Infrastructure Security and Computer Science, specializing in Secure Software Development and DevSecOps. His goal is to transfer to UC Berkley to major in Computer Science. Mesfin has always dreamed of contributing to his society through technology and social justice. The internship program has helped Mesfin learn how tasks are organized, scheduled, managed, and implemented. He also learned to appreciate the importance of teamwork as each team member contributed to make designs become reality. His mentors helped him learn how to use frameworks for developing a website. BE WINNORS has helped him gain industry experience and push him forward to achieve his career goals.


Felix Murray

Photo of Felix Murray

Felix Murray is a 2nd year Computer Science student at Saddleback College studying machine learning and applications of software engineering in the financial sector. Felix specializes in software development and commercialization, demonstrated through a host of projects developed at renowned organizations such as the Department of Energy, NASA, Northrop Grumman, and American Financial Network. 
Felix currently serves on the Website Development and Computer Vision teams with BE-Winnors, supporting both the technical and business side of the project.

Martha Rosas

Photo of Martha Rosas

Martha Rosas is a student at East Los Angeles College pursuing an Associate of Science degree in Engineering Graphics and Design Technology. She is also in the process of completing her prerequisites to transfer to UC Irvine or CSULA as a Mechanical Engineering major. As an Intern she performed a number of duties that included collaborating with artist June to design the Be WINNORS logo, scheduled and conducted alumni interviews, presented at the ELAC Transfer Fair for promotion of the Be WInnors program,collected various data for website content such as images, bio’s, CAD drawings et al, and designing of website layout.During the course of her internship Martha gained skills in several areas namely leadership, communication, project implementation, and time management. On the technical side she learned how to conduct trade analysis and applications of matlab to robotics. In addition she was given the opportunity to labshadow at Dr Won’s Intellimed Lab where students conducted biomedical research they hope will make a difference to patients lives. In career development she received guidance from CSULA Alumni that encouraged her to keep pursuing her career in STEM no matter the obstacle.