Significations 2014

Significations 2014

The Department of English at CSU Los Angeles annually hosts the CSU Graduate Student Conference: Significations. The conference seeks to promote the work of graduate students throughout the California State University system.

The conference examines the significations of language, image, and literary representations of meaning and experience. We invite papers from all periods and genres of literary, linguistic, and visual culture. In addition, we welcome investigations of cultural studies, critical theory, film, gender studies, philosophy, the social sciences, and visual and performing arts.

This year's theme is "Convergence" and the conference will be held on May 3, 2014.

About the Speaker

Jayne Lewis, professor of English at University of California, Irvine, investigates 18th century literature and culture, including the exploration of atmosphere, the supernatural, and the narratives of medicine and healing. She received her doctorate from Princeton University and is the author of Air's Appearance: Literary Atmosphere in British Fiction, 1660-1794 (2012). Air's Appearance looks at how, when, and where "atmosphere" emerged as a dimension of literary experience--an emergence that links the history of early fiction with those of natural philosophy and the supernatural. She is currently editing Enlightened Christianities, which she describes as "an anthology of Christian writing in English, 1660-1750, which explores everything from physico-theology to freethinking, from Anglican poetics to the dynamics of dissent, from popular depictions, female spirituality, and spiritual self-help to the rise of Methodism." Dr. Lewis' presentation is entitled "Change Beyond Belief: In-Flight Entertainment and the Fictions of the Enlightenment."