Lauri Scheyer

Photo of Lauri Ramey, Director of CCPP
College of Arts and Letters
Department of English
Office Location: Integrated Humanities Center KH D4051
Phone: 323-343-4140   Email: [email protected]


Lauri Scheyer is Professor of English

Lauri Scheyer CV



At the undergraduate and graduate levels, Lauri Scheyer's courses include International Modernism, Modern Poetry, Contemporary Poetry, Poetry as Difference, The African American Poetic Tradition, African Diasporic Poetics of Space, The Bible as Literature, Writing Poetry, Writing Creative Nonfiction, Music and Literature, Black British Literature and Culture, Documentary Poetics, and Literary Magazine Editing and Publication.



Lauri Scheyer's main interests in research and student supervision are lyric poetry and poetics, experimental and formally innovative literature, inter-media and cross-genre art, art as a social and political force, canon formation and marginalization, poetry of the African diaspora, ethnic poetry, creative writing and creative writing pedagogy, modern and contemporary literature and culture, and the intersection of creative and critical writing and thought.




Theatres Of War Cover depicting crude drawing of warrior



What I Say Publication Cover


What I Say Publication Cover


Black Music, Black Poetry Cover


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Slave Songs and The Birth of African America Poetry Cover


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Heritage Series of Black Poetry 1962-1975 Cover